File cabinets take over valuable office space

One CD can securely hold over 50 lbs of scanned documents in a properly compressed format. AJ Processing provides on-site scanning and archiving service.

“Making paper copies of anything is a primitive use of machines and violates their very spirit.”

–¬†Alvin Toffler (1970)

It is the 21st century. Why must we use so much paper? Writing and printing on paper should be embarrassingly primitive in this age. File cabinets take over far too much office space. One CD can hold over 50 lbs worth of scanned documents in a properly compressed format. Backing up documents on both hard drive and CD is far more secure too. Best of all, being green saves money!

You are paying for every square foot of your office space. Clear away all your file cabinets and boxes of paper and make use of your space the way you want to. This is the equivalent to moving into a larger office at less the expense and minus the hassle. Contact AJ Processing and we can come to your office to scan your documents or consult/set up your business so that you have the equipment, software and know-how to scan your documents on your own.

Costs of scanning are determined on a job by job basis depending on quantity and archiving needs. Please call or email us for an estimate.

Clear away the paper clutter