Computer support and learning

AJ Processing offers everything from general computer support to teaching you specific ways to use new technologies to make your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Technologies and topics include:

  • Using digital PDF format to eliminate the wasteful use of paper. Imagine having a paperless office to save you time and money and look anything up without fishing through messy file cabinets ever again! Back up hard copies on CDs to make room in your office!
  • When it comes to filling out forms, typewriters can finally be a thing of the past. We can show you how to use a scanner and PDF editor combination to typeset applications that can be edited at any future time. No more retyping duplicate information over and over again!
  • Convert from VHS and audio tapes to MP3s for easy digital transcription. Send and receive audio files online. AJ Processing can show you how.
  • Learn how automated macros can be used to process repetitive tasks automatically.

Our hourly rate for consultation depends on whether we can consult over the phone/email from our own office or if we need to be on-site and travel time required to reach your home or office.

Stay up to date with the latest tech