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AJ Processing offers efficient, high-quality, fast word processing service around the world using the latest digital technologies!

  • 24-hour turnaround for every 250 typed or 50 handwritten pages and can process even more at our priority rate.
  • We write macros to perform repetitive tasks automatically with great speeds using multiple computers. Perfect for data entry.
  • Send/Receive Files/Documents

  • Faxing We accept and send faxes free of charge for our clients. Third-party faxing is $2 per page.
    Printing/Copying Prints and copies are 10 cents per single sided page, $1 per color single sided page.
    CD Burning We can put your data/audio files on additional CDs for $5 per disk.
    PDF PDF files are now universal. Any file format can be converted into a PDF document and retain fonts, formatting graphics and even color of the original document. Once a PDF it can be viewed by anyone who downloads free PDF reading software. Example: a PowerPoint presentation can be converted to PDF to be sent to and viewed by someone who does not have PowerPoint. This is also a useful format for documents that you wish no one to make changes to. A PDF is just like having a printed hard copy "in" the computer on your screen. We can even create custom PDF forms that can be filled out online.
    Optical Scanning AJ Processing performs OCR and image scanning. Please view our Consulting section for more scanning ideas, such as turning your office into a paperless office.
    Research AJ Processing uses special search engine software to do thorough Internet research. We also have access to all Library of Congress Archives. We can find anything and provide our findings in either hardcopies or electronic documents.
    Consulting AJ Processing offers everything from general computer support to teaching you specific ways to use new technologies to make the way you run your business more smoothly and efficiently. Learn more here.

    Prices vary based on project and priority. Please call 512-835-0339 or email Arlo@AJProcessing.Com to receive an estimate immediately.

    We use a variety of the latest software to keep up-to-date with our clients and trends in the industry. Below is a list of software we use and file formats we accept:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Word Perfect WPD
  • Adobe Pagemaker PMFS
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Act ACT
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